Where Do We Go From Here (You and Me) (僕たちはこれから Bokutachiha Korekara?), also known as "Us After This" and "Us From Now On", is the second opening theme of the OVA series. It is performed by DoCo and was used for the seventh OVA episode, Reawakening Memories. The English version is performed by DoCo U.S.A. and was used for the last six OVA episodes that were released by Viz Media.


Akane: Yume de dakishimeteta nara R/S/K: Nee damarikonde
Akane: Kao ga mienaku narune R/S/K: Doushita no
Nabiki: Ienai kotoba zawameku mune
mujyaki ni kimi wa nozokikomu kedo

Kasumi: Kawaberi o fuku kaze ga R/A/N: Mou kaeranakuchya
Kasumi: Sayonara o sekasu kara R/A/N: Shikarareru
Shampoo: Kimi no egao ya karui shigusa
hitotsu hitotsuni toi kakete iru

all: Futari wa mada tomodachi dane
suki to itta sore dakedane
Ranma: Nani o sureba iino korekara
all: Donna koto hanasebaii
boku wa...

A/S/N: Michibata de katta kedo Kasumi: Nee akai ishi no
A/S/N: Yubiwa nara ENGAGE Kasumi: Niau desho
Ranma: Kimi ga nedatta yakusoku dayo
sonna kimochi ga nasakenai kedo

all: Kimi wa imamo tomadotteru
mada honki no koi jyanakutte
Nabiki: Boku o kirai jyanai dakedane
all: Ai sarete ureshii dake
kimi wa...

Akane: Tsunagu te no hirade
nukumori to +R/S: kusuri yubi no +N/K: yubiwa o sagasu

all: Futari wa mada tomodachi dane
suki to itta sore dakedane
Shampoo: Donna fuu ni soshite kawaruno
all: Kono mama jya irenai kara

(Akane) If I hugged you in a dream (Hey how about that?)
It's become that I can't see your face, hasn't it? (Why?)
(Nabiki) Words that I can't say are stirring in my heart
You peeped innocently, but...

(Kasumi) The wind's blowing over the river (I have to go home)
(R&A&N) Goodbye (I was scolded)
(Shampoo) Your smiling face and gestures
are asking many questions

(All) We're still friends, right?
I only said "Love" once
(Ranma) What can I do after this?
(All) What kind of spoken things are good?
By me...

(A&S&N) Bought on the roadside, but (a red rock)
(Kasumi) if it was a ring, it'd be an engagement (probably a suitable fit)
(Ranma) You... it's a promise
Thesefeelings are awful but...

(All) You're now bewildered as well
It's not even true love yet and
(Nabiki) It's only that I don't hate you, right?
(All) Only love and happiness
From you...

(Akane) On our joined hands
I search for warmth and the ring on your ring finger

(All) We're still friends, right?
I only said "Love" once
(Shampoo) We have to change our feelings
(All) Because this can't happen often between us

(Akane) You may touch me in dreams,
but they don´t stay,
(today you don´t have much to say.)
How I might gonna face the light of day?
(what have I done now?)

(Nabiki) Things completely unspoken
thinking it´s for the best,
then I look into your eyes,
and it gets tight in my chest.

(Kasumi) Hear the river? It tells of our goodbye,
(it´s late and they don´t wait for me.)
Sayonara and whispers on the breeze,
(I´ll get in troubles.)

(Shampoo) Let me know what in your heart
That’s a good place to start.
All I need is a small start
Then I give my heart to you.

(All) You and me have still got,
so much we need to say.
Friendship’s not enough,
why can´t we seize the day?

(Girl-Type Ranma) Don´t you know I got no idea,
from this point on?

(All) So far to go,
until we both are free.
YOU AND ME !!!!!


Morning in Furinkan finds Ranma Saotome rushing to get down the stairs, but he trips and falls into Akane Tendo who is going up to get him and they fall to the foot of the stairs in a heap. Nabiki goes ahead while the two start to argue, but they run out the door when Kasumi tells them they will be late. Genma in his panda form is shown playing shogi with Soun. Elsewhere, Ryoga Hibiki is shown brushing his teeth on a mountain, Kodachi Kuno feeds her shark while Sasuke Sarugakure watches, and Ukyo Kuonji flips an okonomiyaki with "Ran-chan" written on it with sauce.

On the way to school, Akane and Nabiki are shown singing. Ranma runs ahead and Tatewaki Kuno notices Nabiki stop to look at a puppy. Back at the Tendo Dojo Kasumi is hanging out the laundry while Genma and Soun watch. At the Cat Café, Shampoo is putting new flowers into the vases, prompting Mousse to rush out with a vase that he spills on himself when he slips. After a montage of various characters, Nabiki, Akane, Shampoo, and Kasumi are shown singing in four panels. Another sequence of characters rolls and Ranma is shown to have been splashed by the Old Washer Woman. The scene then shifts to Furinkan High School as Akane has arrived and Nabiki is on a balcony. Shampoo is shown making a delivery while Kasumi is having a snack. Female Ranma then comes running up to the school, followed by another sequence of various characters.

Anime Opening

Ranma 1 2 - Where Do We Go From Here (You and Me)

Ranma 1 2 - Where Do We Go From Here (You and Me)

Full Version

DoCo★First - Boku-tachi wa Kore Kara (Us from now own) "Full Vertion w Lyric"

DoCo★First - Boku-tachi wa Kore Kara (Us from now own) "Full Vertion w Lyric"


  • In the opening video, the hair colors of Yuka and Sayuri (who can be seen in the background during Akane's first lyrics), are reversed.
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