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Who Do You Love? (どっちが大切? Dotchi ga taisetsu??) is the 123rd chapter of the manga and the fourth chapter of the Waterproof Soap Arc.


Ryoga tries to take Akane somewhere that they can not be bothered, like the ocean or the mountains, but his sense of direction keeps leading him astray. Ranma and Shampoo catch up to them, and Akane figures out that Ranma is simply after the soap she saw Shampoo using.

Plot Overview

Ranma and Shampoo continue their search for Ryoga. Shampoo asks who's stupid idea it was for Ryoga to go on a date with Akane so that he becomes careless and lets go of the Waterproof Soap, to which Ranma promptly reminds Shampoo that the idea was hers.

Ryoga decides he and Akane should go to the ocean.

Meanwhile, Akane asks Ryoga where he'd like to go next. Ryoga thinks to himself of somewhere he can be alone with Akane and quickly decides that they should go to the Ocean, he then swiftly rents a bike and heads for the ocean, but Ryoga's complete lack of a sense of direction causes him to end up at the indoor pool of the Spa. Just then Ranma and Shampoo catch up and after Ryoga throws Shampoo's Bike away (with Ranma and Shampoo still riding it), he declares that he won't let them ruin his date with Akane.

Swiftly recovering, Shampoo kicks Ryoga in the back of the head whilst telling him that if he wants them to leave him alone then he should just hand over the Waterproof Soap. This prompts Ryoga to ask why a normal person like him would want with soap that stops freaks from turning into... However, before Ryoga finishes, he notices Ranma frisking him to try and find the soap. Irritated, Ryoga kicks Ranma, accidentally revealing that Ryoga was hiding the soap near the base of his trousers.

Shampoo and Ranma waste no time in trying to grab the soap, but Ryoga throws cold water over the pair, causing Ranma to run around in terror as Shampoo's cat form clings to her head. Ryoga turns to Akane and asks her if they should go now, but Akane is curious as to why Ryoga has the soap. Ranma attempts to reveal that Ryoga is actually P-chan, but Ryoga sends Ranma flying before he can do so.

In an attempt to change the subject, Ryoga tries to think of another quiet place he could go with Akane and soon decides that they should go to the Mountains. Unfortunately, Ryoga's sense of direction comes into play again and he ends up cycling in circles atop a Carousel. Akane, meanwhile, curses Ranma for setting her up on a date with Ryoga just so that he could get some soap.

Shampoo uses acupressure to render Akane under her control.

Just then Ryoga decides that at this rate Ranma and Shampoo will catch up wit him, so Ryoga stops the bike and attempts to tell Akane his feelings for her. Unfortunately, Ryoga doesn't manage to do so before Ranma arrives and kicks him in the face. Ranma tells Ryoga that his game's up, but Ryoga retorts that this is his date with Akane and warns Ranma to leave her alone. Agitated, Ranma reminds Ryoga that all he wants is the soap, to which Ryoga declares that if that's the case then Ranma must view that soap as being more important than Akane!

The pair then begin fighting each other, leaving Akane behind. Akane then angrily comments that she now knows what Ranma really cares about. Suddenly, Akane feels someone touching her head and she loses consciousness. As Akane lies on the ground, Shampoo comments on how she's used remote-control acupressure and Akane will now do whatever she (Shampoo) wants...

Some time later, and Ranma continues his chase after Ryoga. As the pair pass over a roller coaster they're shocked when they see that Akane is stood on the track as a carriage hurtles towards her. Ranma narrowly saves Akane (kicking Ryoga in the face in the process) before asking her what she's thinking, but Akane just pushes Ranma out of the way and hugs Ryoga with cat-like affection.

Ranma accidentally swallows the soap.

As Ranma wonders what in the world is going on, Shampoo looks on and thinks to herself how she'll have the soap in no time. Akane then asks Ryoga to give her the soap, which Ryoga does without question. Whilst Ranma panics and wonders if Akane's doing this as a form of torture, Shampoo cycles past and takes the soap from Akane. Angered, Ranma turns around to shout at Akane, but he accidentally ends up swallowing the soap as Shampoo holds it out as she cycles past.

Whilst bubbles fill up Ranma's mouth, he tries asking Shampoo what she's doing, but Shampoo angrily asks Ranma why he swallowed the soap. Akane, meanwhile, recovers from the acupressure and tries to remember what she was doing, whilst Ryoga is left in shock at being hugged and rhetorically asks who cares about the soap anymore.

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