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Who Masters What? (必殺技完成? Hissatsu waza kansei??) is the 170th chapter of the manga and the sixth chapter of the Martial Arts Dining Arc.


Ranma does a test run of the Parlay du Foie Gras on Genma and Soun and finds that it works perfectly. Ranma is now ready to defeat Picolet so she can get out of the wedding and get the Iron Corset removed. Ranma has lost a lot of weight though, and is very sickly looking. Suddenly the iron corset drops off because she is now so skinny. Ranma decides to take on Picolet as a boy, until Picolet reminds him that he still owes 100,000 yen for the first meal they fought over.

Plot Overview

Akane witnesses Ranma performing the Parlay du Foie Gras.

With the warning about the Parlay du Foie Gras still ringing in her ears, Akane rushes back to find Ranma. Some time later, Ranma decides it's time she practices the technique whilst Soun and Genma look on. After a few moments mental preparation Ranma succeeds in making the piece of watermelon in front of her disappear, just as Akane rushes into the room.

But before Akane has chance to figure out what just happened, Ranma loses consciousness and collapses onto one of the many watermelons lying on the floor.

Once they put Ranma in her bed, Akane informs Soun and Genma about how everyone to have mastered the "Parlay du Foie Gras" meets with a tragic end. She continues by asking her father what kind of technique Ranma used, unfortunately both Soun and Genma admit that they were both too busy eating to take notice of what Ranma did.

Due to her starvation, Ranma's corset finally falls off.

Upon hearing this, Ranma mutters that this just shows how perfect her Parlay du Foie Gras actually is. After struggling to get herself out of bed, Ranma proceeds to go and challenge Picolet, but is stopped by Akane who states she's in no state to fight him. Soun, however, reminds Akane that if she doesn't fight Picolet, then Ranma'll be forced to marry into the Chardin family and so will never be allowed to remove the corset.

Just as Akane realizes that Ranma can never turn back into his male form as long she wears the corset, the corset itself suddenly falls to the floor. As Ranma and Akane stand in stunned silence, Soun deduces that as Ranma's been starving herself for weeks that she's finally become skinny enough to get out of the corset.

After celebrating that Ranma can finally be a man again, Soun declares that they leave as they have no reason to stay anymore. Despite this, Ranma states that Picolet disgraced him as a man, so he'll do the same to Picolet, a sentiment Soun agrees with, but suggests Ranma change out of the stocking and panties he's still wearing first.

Ranma challenges Picolet once more.

Some time later and Ranma (now back in his male form and dressed properly) storms into the room where Picolet is and demands a challenge. Picolet instantly recognizes the male Ranma, especially as he's yet to pay the 100,000 yen bill from their last bout. Terrified at the prospect of paying such a large sum, Ranma quickly disappears again before returning in his female form to challenge Picolet; under the reasoning that she needs to test his skills before their marriage.

Whilst Picolet comments on how cute Ranma's idea of beating him is, Madame St. Paul emerges to inform Ranma that her challenge is most fortuitous, as Chardin tradition states the bride-to-be must prove herself worthy of entering the family by competing in a dinner party. With the challenge having been set, Ranma tells herself that Picolet should prepare to eat the fruits of her suffering.

St. Paul plans how to counter Ranma's parlay.

That evening Madame St. Paul tells Picolet that Ranma has mastered the "Parlay du Foie Gras", given how slow her traditional training has become, much to Picolet's shock. Meanwhile, in her room, Ranma demonstrates the secret of the Parlay to Akane by using it to throw some pieces of watermelon into the mouths of Soun and Genma. Ranma then explains that, to prepare a goose for Foie Gras, it is force fed and denied exercise. Therefore the purpose of the technique is to force feed the opponent and immobilize them like a goose! Finally Ranma reveals that the "tragic end" to those who master the "Parlay" is starving to death…

At the same time, Madame St. Paul tells Picolet that they must have a counter for the parlay, a technique which even Picolet did not know existed.

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  • (Akane) "Just look at Ranma. He's already looks so… so…"
    • (Genma) "…stupid, maybe?"
  • (Akane) "Just what did Ranma do?"
    • (Soun) "Akane… This will shock you."
    • (Soun) "…But I was so busy eating the watermelon, I didn't even see what he did."


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