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Who Says You're Cute? (かわいくねえ Kawaikune?) is the 14th chapter of the manga and the fifth chapter of the Ryoga Hibiki Intro Arc.


Akane thinks back to why she grew her hair out in the first place. When she was little Kasumi commented that unless she stopped acting like a boy Dr. Tofu wouldn't like her. After having her hair evened out by Kasumi, Akane heads to Dr. Tofu's Clinic to get her ankle mended. On the way back she tells Ranma she's given up on Dr. Tofu.

Plot Overview

Akane thinks about her childhood.

Akane is sat a desk in her room remembering her younger self and how her love for Dr. Tofu began. She then has a flashback to her leaving Dr. Tofu's Clinic after getting into a fight with Dr. Tofu, when Kasumi arrives (wearing her Furinkan High School uniform). Kasumi tells Dr. Tofu thank you for helping Akane. Dr. Tofu then goes into his usual state when he sees Kasumi, which only Akane seems to notice. Kasumi and Akane leave and Kasumi tells Akane that if she keeps acting like a boy Dr. Tofu will start disliking her. This causes Akane to think that if she grows her hair long like Kasumi Dr. Tofu will think she's more feminine.

Back to present day and Akane is brought out of her reminiscing state by Ranma tapping on her window (while also hanging upside-down). Ranma came to see if Akane was alright, but Akane tells Ranma that she doesn't care about her hair and she (Ranma) should leave her alone. Akane then proceeds to pick up a lamp on the desk in front of her and throw it at Ranma.

Kasumi's reaction to seeing Akane's hair.

Kasumi is preparing some food when Akane walks in. Kasumi turns around and is shocked at Akane's hair and throws the pan she's holding in the air. Ranma then quickly dashes in and catches the food in the pan before it falls onto the floor. Akane then tells Kasumi she doesn't have to overreact to everything. When Ranma tries to explain it was her fault, Akane interrupts and says she just wanted a change. Akane then continues to ask Kasumi if she'd help to fix it up.

Sometime later Ranma (who's now in his male form) is on the roof of the Tendo Dojo remembering the things Akane said to him in his fight with Ryoga. Ranma then looks at the half of Akane's hair that got cut off and thinks he'd better go to apologise to Akane. However, when he asks Kasumi where she is, Kasumi tells Ranma that Akane left to go to Dr. Tofu's Clinic to get her ankle treated.

Ranma then runs along several walls to try and find Akane. Ranma then thinks he's found Akane but when jumps down he changes his mind and thinks he's got the wrong person, but it is Akane with her new haircut. Ranma then apologises to Akane and she says she's never seen Ranma so meek before. Akane continues saying it's fine since she was thinking about getting it cut anyway. This shocks Ranma slightly, but when Akane begins to walk off he offers to carry her (since her ankle hurts) but Akane tells Ranma that he should stop being so nice since it's making her nervous.

When Dr. Tofu sees Akane's "new" hairstyle he is slightly surprised. After Akane says hello to Dr. Tofu he says that he sees she's cut her hair short again. This confuses Ranma as he's only ever seen Akane with long hair prior it getting accidentally cut. Dr. Tofu then looks at Akane's ankle and says that it's just a light sprain. Akane then asks Dr. Tofu what he thinks of her hair, to which he replies that it looks cute. Dr. Tofu continues saying that short hair always suited her better, to which Akane laughs and says she guess so too.

Akane crying on Dr. Tofu.

Dr. Tofu then straightens out Akane's ankle, but when he looks up she's crying. Dr. Tofu apologises if that hurt, Akane replies that isn't why she's crying but she can't stop. Dr. Tofu sits next to Akane and asks her to tell him what's wrong. But Akane just gets more upset and begins to cry with her head on Dr. Tofu's chest. Meanwhile, Ranma and Genma are watching what's happening through the door, and seeing Akane crying Genma begins to overreact but is quickly punched by Ranma who says he hates comedians.

Ranma and Akane are walking next to each other silently. Akane then looks up at the sky, sighs and says that there is nothing like a good cry. Akane goes to look back at Ranma, but when she turns round he's gone. However, she quickly realises he's simply jumped up onto the fence. Ranma then says that Dr. Tofu called her "cute" so she should be happy. Akane says that is doesn't matter anymore, Ranma is slightly skeptical of this, but Akane says that Dr. Tofu likes Kasumi anyway, not her.

Akane then continues by saying she thinks she's gotten over Dr. Tofu now. Hearing this, Ranma jumps down and tells Akane that her hair does look good like that. Akane is shocked to hear this and asks Ranma if he's not feeling well. This annoys Ranma, but before he can do anything other than call Akane a jerk she begins to walk off again telling Ranma that he doesn't have to make her feel better. Ranma chases after Akane saying he's only trying to compliment her and then asks her who says she's cute. Akane replies that she's not cute.

Akane thanks Ranma for what he said.

Ranma then continues saying that he only likes her hair better this way, not that his taste makes any difference. Akane then says Ranma's name, Ranma then turns around reluctantly, and sees Akane smiling at him saying that was nice to hear, even if he didn't mean it. Ranma is extremely surprised by this reaction of Akane. However, as he thinks to himself that Akane might actually be "cute", Akane then pokes Ranma causing him to fall into the river behind him (as he had been stood on the fence which is was next to). Akane then looks down at Ranma and says he doesn't have to feel guilty anymore. Ranma then shouts to Akane who thinks she's cute, to which Akane responds by sticking her tongue out.

Meanwhile, Ryoga is lost somewhere in Okinawa thinking to himself how about how he'll find the Tendo Dojo and fight Ranma to the death.

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  • What? Did you think I was crying my eyes out? - Akane when she sees Ranma hanging upside-down outside her window.
  • I don't care about my hair! So leave me alone! - Akane making Ranma leave her alone shortly before hitting Ranma with a lamp.


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