Win One for the Lover (愛は勝つ!? Ai wa katsu!??) is the 221st chapter of the manga and the third chapter of the Martial Arts Cheerleading Arc.

It's time for a showdown between Ranma and Mariko.

Plot Overview

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As the day of competition nears, Ranma tries to maintain Kuno's love for her by showering him with gifts. After piling all sorts of gifts on him, Ranma scurries away before being called by Kuno. He is suspicious that Ranma is so quick to leave him and asks if this is because she wishes to be away from him. When Ranma denies the accusations, Kuno is quick to dress up in a suit and lead her on a date. Ranma has no choice but to follow his lead wearing a Chinese dress. Once again, Akane watches from afar and notices the struggles Ranma must be going through
Bad date

Ranma recounts the date with Kuno.


Akane is determined to help Ranma in any way she can and starts practicing to be part of the match as well by twirling batons. They soon end up on her head and Nabiki teases her by calling out her clumsiness. Night comes and Ranma comes back home with a smile on her face. When asked about the date, Ranma recalls the various places they went to while cautiously avoiding too much contact with Kuno. She finally snaps and admits that it was an awful experience and that she could not learn to love Kuno.

Match Begins

Cheerleader faceoff

Mariko and Ranma faceoff.

The day of the match arrives and the boys are more interested in the cheerleading challenge than the kendo match. On Ranma's side a group of Furinkan boys play a variety of instruments while Mariko's side has her posse cheering. The Seisyun High School Kendo Team comes up to her and asks who will be cheering for them since she is cheering for Kuno who is on the opposing team. Mariko assures them that she will cheer for them as well and gives them sandwiches to enjoy. They take her offerings but find it to have been laced with paralyzing substances, incapacitating all of them.

Kuno is moved that she would go to such lengths to help him win. With the opposing kendo team out of the way, the real fight between cheerleaders can begin. Mariko makes the first move by launching a flurry of batons in Ranma's direction but Ranma blocks the attack by twirling her batons. She is then interrupted by Kuno who grabs her from behind. When Ranma kicks him away to focus on the fight, Kuno's fighting spirit is shot and sits in gloom, indicating that Ranma is at a clear disadvantage for not loving Kuno.

Kuno love

Pompom firework.

Mariko then chants his name to lift up his spirit and attacks again by hurling herself with the help of her underlings. She then uses two pompoms in her hands to turn herself into one giant flying fluff. When she gets close to Ranma the pompom opens up and kicks her down and tosses one of the pompoms into the air, which explodes in a flashy firework display spelling out "KUNO LOVE". This immediately cheers Kuno while at the same time attacking Ranma. Ranma realizes that she cannot win this match with martial arts alone. Akane, while watching from afar, may have thought of a plan for Ranma to win the match without falling in love with Kuno.

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