The Wishing Sword Arc is the 34th story arc covered in the Ranma ½ manga, spanning three chapters. This arc was included in volume 15 of the Weekly Shōnen Sunday tankōbon and volume 13 of the Viz Media tankōbon.

Plot Summary

Kuno travels to a remote temple and pulls the legendary Wishbringer sword from it's stone. The sword is able to grant three wishes, Kuno uses his first wish to "humble" Ranma. The sword changes into a mallet, and while Ranma stares in amazement Kuno smashes his head. Ranma quickly tells his father of the magical sword and the two hatch a scheme to steal it and use it to remove their curses[1]. Kuno uses his second wish to date the "pig-tailed girl" as Ranma asks him out in his girl form. Ranma and Genma soon realize that the sword is voice-activated, meaning Kuno is the only one who can ask for wishes[2]. Ranma attempts to tell Kuno what he desires, but Kuno misunderstands it and wishes for a statue commemorating their first date[3].

Chapters Covered

Image Chapter Number Arc Number English Chapter Name Japanese Chapter Name Anime Counterpart(s)
When You Wish upon a Sword
(Seito Manganmaru)
Ranma and Kuno's... First Kiss
May I Cut In?
(Yabo no deto)
Ranma and Kuno's... First Kiss
The Final Wish
(Mittsu me no negai)
Ranma and Kuno's... First Kiss

Major Events

  • Kuno obtains a wish-granting sword that responds only to him.
  • Ranma goes on a date with Kuno to undo his curse, but fails.

Characters Introduced

No characters were introduced in this arc.


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