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You'll Understand Soon Enough (すぐにわかるよ Sugu ni wakaru yo?) is the seventh of the first volume of the manga and the fifth and final chapter of the Tatewaki Kuno Intro Arc.


Yet another fight between Upperclassman Kuno and Ranma ensues. At first it seems that Ranma has the upper-hand but with Kuno's pictures of Ranma's female form and Akane floating in the wind can Ranma keep his concentration?

Plot Overview

Ranma collects Kuno's pictures during the fight.

Kuno throws multiple strikes at Ranma, all of which he avoids with ease. While doing this the pictures that Kuno bought from Nabiki begin to float in the air around Ranma. Ranma grabs a few and notices they're all of his female form, much to his shock. Kuno notices that Ranma isn't looking at him and believes that this shows Ranma isn't taking him seriously and lunges at Ranma again, this time making contact and throwing Ranma backwards. Akane watches on in shock. Ranma then does a backwards roll until the stops in front of Akane.

Akane then tells Ranma that when Kuno faces a male opponent he's very skilled. Ranma responds by telling Akane that the blue panties she's wearing don't suit her, this obviously angers Akane so she kicks Ranma and tells him to go back and die! Ranma does a mid-air spin and is then faced with a barrage of Kuno's attacks, which he manages to dodge. Meanwhile, a nearby statue crumbles which surprises Nabiki that Kuno is able to do that with the air pressure alone. Akane then screams and Ranma then looks to see what's happened. Akane then tells Ranma to look forward as Kuno was about to make contact with his Shinai. Ranma turns and kicks Kuno in different areas of his body. At first Kuno seems unharmed but he soon collapses. Akane examines Kuno and notices that Ranma hit each of the vulnerable spots on Kuno's body.

Akane touches Ranma's wound.

Ranma begins to say that "Upperclassman Kuno" didn't have much. Akane is slightly confused by this and asks if he did get hit once, Ranma replies that he did get hit but it doesn't even itch. Akane then touches were the hit was and Ranma goes onto the floor crying in pain. This response causes Akane to repeat Ranma's statement rather sarcastically. She then goes on to ask Ranma what it was that distracted him during the fight. Ranma then reveals some the pictures of Akane that also fell.

Akane is shocked that Ranma has pictures of her, which causes Ranma to respond by saying that it was Kuno who had the pictures. Nabiki then explains that she took the pictures to make some money, much to Akane's disgust. Ranma then begins to comment about the pictures, saying that he doesn't know why anyone would want pictures of a dorky girl anyway. He continues by saying that Akane is going to struggle to find a husband while boasting about his own pictures. Akane being greatly angered by Ranma's comments, hits him repeatedly.

Akane tips Ranma's bed.

Another patient is then shown to Dr. Tofu. The patient turns out to be Ranma. Dr. Tofu then examines Ranma and says that it is very strange how the sword wound is so minor in comparison to the discoloration and contusion. Dr. Tofu continues saying that this is brutal and asks what kind of thug did this. Akane, who looks embarrased this whole time, just mumbles. Ranma tries to say Akane's name but can only managed the first letter. He then says that a dorky girl did it, this causes Akane to tip the bed that Ranma's lying on while threatening him if he says that again. However, before she can finish her threat Dr. Tofu looks at Akane and asks her is she's the one who did this.

Dr. Tofu repositions Ranma's joints.

Akane tries to give an excuse, while Ranma lies on the floor wondering what the "sweet and innocent" act is about. Dr. Tofu then interrupts Akane's attempt of giving an excuse and says that he had a feeling that it was and begins to laugh. Dr. Tofu then picks up Ranma and says that from the way the some of the joints are twisted backwards is a sign of it being "Akane's touch". Dr. Tofu then begins to heal Ranma by twisting his joints back, causing Ranma a large amount of pain and discomfort. As Dr. Tofu heals Ranma he asks Ranma if he is engaged to be Akane's fiancé. This causes Akane to say that their parents decided not them, Dr. Tofu then says that it's a bit early since their both children. Akane then turns away slightly, sighs and repeats to herself that she is just a little child.

Ranma then shouts to Dr. Tofu telling them that what he's doing hurts. Dr. Tofu seems slightly puzzled and asks what hurts, Ranma then notices that he feels alright again. Akane then asks Ranma if he thinks Dr. Tofu is a great doctor. The three of them then leave the surgery. Dr. Tofu holds Ranma back for a minute and tells him that fiancé or not he should try and get along with Akane. Ranma tells Dr. Tofu that it isn't like he starts the fights, he continues saying that she overreacts to every little thing. This causes Dr. Tofu to tell Ranma that Akane is actually a very sweet girl and he'll understand that soon enough. Dr. Tofu then pats Ranma on the back, Akane and Ranma then leave. Akane asks Ranma what Dr. Tofu talked to him about but Ranma just says they weren't talking about anything.

Ranma falls due to Dr. Tofu patting him.

After a bit of a walk away from the clinic. Ranma lies to Akane saying that Dr. Tofu was sympathizing about having to deal with a crazed, violent lunatic like her. Akane twitches and Ranma prepares for her to attack him, but Akane just gives a short reply. This lack of response surprises Ranma so he ends up pulling on her bow telling her it was just a joke. He then continues by saying to Akane that she's acting like a sissy. This causes Akane to ask Ranma if he's looking for fight, to which Ranma replies that this is the Akane he remembers. Akane then swings her Satchel at Ranma, which he dodges, and ask him what's wrong with him. Meanwhile, Dr. Tofu is in his office, looking at the clock on the wall, counting down from three to one.

Akane gives Ranma a piggy back as Ranma thinks about what Dr. Tofu said.

Ranma then falls onto the floor. Akane asks him what's wrong, to which Ranma replies that something's up with his legs. Ranma deduces that Dr. Tofu must've done this when he patted him just before they left. Seeing Ranma's state, Akane gives him a Piggy-back. Ranma then says that a man won't put up with this humiliation. Akane then puts Ranma down and sprays him with some water from a nearby hosepipe, which turns Ranma into his female form. Akane then asks Ranma if it'll be fine if they're both girls then. As Akane carries Ranma she (Ranma) remembers the things that Dr. Tofu told her earlier, which Ranma thinks to her herself she doesn't understand yet.

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  • I think you should know... those blue panties really don't suit you. Go back and die! - Ranma talking to Akane after she tells him Kuno is very skilled against male opponents and Akane's response.
  • It's okay if we're both girls, hm? - Akane after she sprays Ranma with cold water, turning him into his female form, after he refuses to have a piggy back.


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