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You're Cute When You Smile (笑うとかわいいよ Warau to kawaii yo?) is the ninth chapter of the manga and the second and final chapter of the Dr. Tofu Intro Arc.


Ranma realizes that it's Kasumi that Dr. Tofu is in love with, and sees that Akane is taking it rather hard. Ranma tries to make Akane feel better by telling her she's cute when she smiles. However, Ranma just gets Akane mad again by spying on her smiling at herself in a mirror.

Plot Overview

Genma's interruption.

Ranma and Akane are stood inside Dr. Tofu's Clinic and Ranma wonders what Akane means by Kasumi. Akane explains that she can tell from the way Dr. Tofu looks at Kasumi that he likes her. Just then Dr. Tofu pocks his head through a door and asks what they're doing, to which Ranma replies that they're not doing anything. Genma then blows into a paper bag, pops it, and holds up a sign saying "I'm Ranma's Pop! (Get it?)". Ranma, rather unimpressed, thanks Genma for the interruption.

Dr. Tofu takes Ranma into his consulting room along with Akane and Genma. He then looks at the bruise on Ranma's check and deduces that it was Akane who hit the ball that hit Ranma because of how deep the impression on the bruise is. Ranma then comments that Akane even hits the ball like a savage, this obvious angers Akane greatly. Akane continues saying that it wasn't her fault and that Ranma was the one not paying attention. Hearing this Dr. Tofu stands dumbfounded and eventually says he was only kidding. This embarrasses Akane, while Dr. Tofu says it's part of her being healthy, however, Ranma just tries to annoy Akane more until she shouts at him to stop. Dr. Tofu then begins applying some disinfectant to Ranma's bruise.

Dr. Tofu's glasses steaming over at the sight of Kasumi.

Just then Kasumi walks in and Dr. Tofu's glasses steam over. He then bends Ranma's neck so it's stuck at an angle. Dr. Tofu then says hello to Kasumi and she responds by saying she thought she heard a noise. She then goes to Ranma and asks him if he's okay (while imitating the angle of Ranma's head). Dr. Tofu says that Ranma's become one of his regular patients, he then goes to pat Ranma on the head, but instead he pats Genma on the nose (who's holding a sign saying he's Ranma pop).

Dr. Tofus tries to eat the plate.

Dr. Tofu then asks Kasumi what brings her here and she says she's brought him a gift but she doesn't know if it's fitting. The gift turns out to be a plate of cookies/biscuits, however, Dr. Tofu thinks the cloth covering them is the gift and wears it as a mask. Kasumi says that wasn't the gift and gives Dr. Tofu the plate, which he begins to try and eat much to the amusement of Kasumi. Ranma then shouts very loudly to get Dr. Tofu's attention (he had been trying to get Dr. Tofu's attention before but to no avail). Dr. Tofu looks at Ranma and, after noticing he has another injury, asks what he's going to do with him. Dr. Tofu then, instead of fixing Ranma's neck, simply moves it so it's stuck at the left side of Ranma's body rather than his right side.

After he's dealt with Ranma, Dr. Tofu asks Genma to bring Kasumi some tea. However, instead of asking Genma he actually is talking to his skeleton Betty. Meanwhile, Kasumi whispers to Akane that Dr. Tofu is very amusing to which Akane replies that he's completely different when she (Kasumi) isn't around. Akane then decides she'd best be going and leaves rather abruptly. Dr. Tofu begins talking to Genma and asks if he can help him, which Genma replies with a sign saying "I'm your assistant, fool!". Dr. Tofu continues by asking how long he's been a panda, which Genma holds up a sign saying "Since Summer". Ranma just sits and wonders why Akane left so suddenly.

Outside the clinic a crowd has gathered and when one person asks what they're doing they say that Kasumi's in there so none of them are going anyway near Dr. Tofu until she leaves. They continue to say that having an exam now could cost them their lives.

Ranma pulling a face to cheer up Akane.

Ranma goes and finds Nabiki at the Tendo Dojo and asks her where Akane is. Nabiki tells Ranma that she thinks Akane's behind the training hall, she then asks Ranma what's wrong with his neck (while copying the position of Ranma's head from her angle). Ranma the runs off to the training hall, where he hears lots of loud noises. He checks round the corner of the training hall and sees Akane breaking cement blocks, Ranma notices that Akane appears to be crying.

Akane is then seen walking away from the rubble of the cement blocks towards a wall, where she places her hand on it and says she can't let it get to her. She then looks down and sees Ranma looking back at her (Ranma is also sticking his tongue out and pulling the sides of his mouth with his fingers). Akane slams Ranma to the ground by the head and angrily asks him what he wants. Ranma replies to Akane that she doesn't seem that down, Akane then says she doesn't believe the only reason Ranma came was to cheer her up. Ranma jumps up and asks Akane why she wouldn't believe it. Ranma then realises that Akane has fixed his neck, just then Akane asks Ranma if she can have a moment with him.

Ranma finds Akane smiling at the mirror.

Now inside the training hall, Akane and Ranma are sparring. Akane tries to hit Ranma with multiple kicks and punches but Ranma dodges them all. While doing this Akane demands Ranma fights back otherwise she can't relieve her stress. Ranma simply replies by asking Akane if she get's tried of being angry all the time, which she says is her own business. Ranma continues by saying to Akane that she's cute when she smiles, this causes Akane to go off guard so Ranma pokes her on the forehead and says she blew it. Akane then falls on the floor and after a few moments says that was a dirty trick and didn't count.

Akane has just had a wash and returns to her room. She then lies on her bed and thinks about what Ranma said earlier, while wondering if he meant it. Akane then picks up a mirror, looks at it and smiles. Just then Ranma appears from the outside of her window and asks if mirrors always make her smile, or if she's just testing her cheeks. This angers Akane and she hits Ranma. Back downstairs Ranma is with Genma (who's in his human form). Genma asks Ranma if his neck's better yet which Ranma replies that it was (Ranma's neck had become stuck at an angle again when Akane had hit him).

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  • May I help you sir? I'm you're assistant, fool! - Dr. Tofu talking to Genma and Genma's response.
  • Yeah. An exam now could mean your life! - One of the patients outside Dr. Tofu's Clinic after he's told Kasumi's in there.
  • Something wrong with you're neck? - Nabiki talking to Ranma after she tells him where Akane is.
  • Surely, you don't expect me to believe... That you came here to cheer me up? - Akane talking to Ranma after he comes to see if she's okay.
  • Okay. But y'know... You're cute when you smile. - Ranma talking to Akane during their sparring match.
  • Do mirrors always make you smile? Or are you just testing your cheeks? - Ranma talking to Akane after he interrupts her seeing if what Ranma said earlier was true.
  • Isn't your neck better yet? It was, pop. It was. - Genma talking to Ranma about his neck and Ranma's response.


  • This chapter marks the first time in the manga that Ranma's cursed form does not appear.
  • In one panel Dr. Tofu can be seen with "Land of the Rising Sun" flag image behind him.
  • This chapter includes the second appearance of Dr. Tofu's skeleton, Betty, who last appeared in I Hate Men!.
  • This is the second time that Ranma and Akane have sparred with each other, the first time being in Here's Ranma, but the first time that Akane has sparred with Ranma in his male form.


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