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You I Love (我愛ニー Wo ai ni?) is the 32nd chapter of the manga and the second chapter of the Shampoo Intro Arc.


Akane gets extremely angry about Shampoo kissing Ranma, and when Soun asks what's going on, Kasumi tells him Ranma's girlfriend from China has arrived. Shampoo hands Soun a book but since he can not read Chinese he screams at Ranma. Luckily Nabiki shows up and reads the Japanese translation which explains that Ranma is now Shampoo's fiance according to Shampoo's tribal law.

Plot Overview

Akane and Shampoo angrily stare at each other.

Shampoo is kissing her new fiancé, Ranma, while a confused crowd watch. Having had enough of the kissing, Akane throws the severed end of Shampoo's Chúi at Ranma's head. Akane and Shampoo then share angered glances at each other and a try to stare down the other.

Soun then arrives and asks what's going on. Complying, Kasumi explains that she's not really sure but she believes that Ranma's girlfriend from China forced her way in to try and get back with him. Hearing the word "girlfriend" Soun just saids in shock, while Ranma tries to tells Kasumi that she's got it all wrong.

Ryoga then takes off the Chúi from Ranma's head and says that he thinks Kasumi's hit the nail on the head, to which angrily retorts that Shampoo has never seen him as a boy before.

Unconvinced by what Ranma's saying, Akane comments on the kiss that Shampoo gave him if it was just a first meeting. Ranma tries to reason with Akane, but the two end up arguing instead. Ranma soon gives up and tells Akane to think whatever she wants if that's how she sees him. Shampoo then suddenly hugs Ranma again, causing Soun to say that there isn't really any other to see it.

Even more angry than before, Akane stops off, not before telling Ranma that as far as she's concerned their engagement never happened.

Soun then inhales on a cigarette, before exhaling the smoke through his nose and demanding to Ranma that he explains what's happening. Frightened, Ranma says that he'd like to know too.

Shampoo takes out her book on Amazon Law.

Suddenly Shampoo whips out a book with some Chinese writing on it. Shampoo, Ranma, Soun, Kasumi and Genma (in his panda form) gather around a table and Soun deduces that perhaps this book of Shampoo's has the answer. However, after Soun stares at the pages for a while and Ranma asks him what is says, Soun angrily declares he doesn't know since it's in Chinese; which he can't read. Ranma then angrily shouts back at Soun that he doesn't have to get so upset about it.

Just then Nabiki appears and begins to read the book. She explains that according to Chinese Amazon law, if an Amazon is defeated by an outsider they do one of two things. Firstly, if the outsider is female they must give them the kiss of death and chase them down and kill them. However, if the outsider is male they are to marry!

Panicing, Ranma tells Nabiki not to joke, to which Nabiki retorts that she's not the joking type. Ranma then continues by asking her since when can she read Chinese, Nabiki then explains that she can't... but there's a Japanese translation on the next page.

Meanwhile, Akane has changed into her training outfit and is beating up a training dummy while screaming about how much of a jerk Ranma is. After breaking the dummy off it's stand, Akane comments on how good that felt and begins to walk away.

Akane remembers back to her and Ranma's fight with Mikado.

As she walks Akane thinks about how it was their fathers arranged engagement and that it's not like they're in love or anything. Akane then remembers back to their match with Mikado Sanzenin, where Ranma told Mikado that Akane is his fiancé and if he touches her he'll kill him.

Akane then goes back and picks up the dummy, when she hears Ranma talking to Shampoo. After following the sound of the voices, Akane watches as Ranma tries to make Shampoo realise how old-fashioned the Amazon law regarding losing to outsiders is.

While Akane wonders what Ranma means by "law", both Kasumi and Nabiki appear behind her (much to Akane's shock) and the pair explain that it's a clear case of a woman trying to trap a man. The pair continue by trying to make Akane agree with apologising to Ranma as it's fairly obvious someone like him couldn't have a girlfriend.

Akane turns her head around the corner again, where Ranma asks Shampoo if she understands now. Despite nodding in agreement that she does, Shampoo jumps up and touches his face while looking at him longingly. Shampoo then says something in Chinese which Nabiki (with the help of a translation book) translates as "My Darling".

Ranma continues to try and get Shampoo to understand he's not going to marry her, but Shampoo still doesn't understand and says "I Love You" in Chinese. Shampoo then begins to get very sensual with Ranma and this causes Ranma to do a complete 3-60 and begins to say to Shampoo that they should begin to get each other better.

This display pushes Akane over the edge, however, before she can do anything, Genma appears and hits Ranma with a sign saying "Listen to yourself, dolt!".

Ranma has landed on a wall on the edge of the Dojo and begins to note that he's never noticed before as she was always trying to kill him, but Shampoo is actually pretty cute. As Ranma begins to wonder about if Akane was that affectionate, but Ryoga throws a bucket of cold water over Ranma (turning Ranma into his female form).

Shampoo chases after Ranma, while Akane lifts some dumbbells.

When Ranma asks Ryoga what he thinks he's doing, Ryoga replies that seeing beautiful Akane getting so jealous over him really hurts his feelings. Ryoga then throws the bucket at Ranma.

The force of the throw causes Ranma to begin to fall off the roof. As Ranma shouts up to Ryoga what's that got to do with her and if Akane's jealous then it's her... But before Ranma can finish she sees Akane who was walking by as Ranma began to fall. Looking kindly, Akane says that she's not "jealous" since they're not engaged anymore. However, Akane continues by angrily saying that she and Shampoo should "get to know each other" while she slaps Ranma in the face.

Akane then walks off, leaving Ranma bemused. Ranma then hears the sound of a Chúi falling behind her and sure enough it's Shampoo out to kill the female Ranma. Soun watches as Shampoo chases after Ranma and says that while he's a man she wants him, and while she's a woman she wants him... dead! Nabiki, who's also watching, simply says that the two do need to get to know each other.

Meanwhile, Akane is lifting some dumbbells (with P-chan watching) thinking about how much of a jerk Ranma is again.

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  • This chapter includes the first time that Soun Tendo can be seen smoking.
  • The translation book Nabiki uses to translate what Shampoo's saying is titled "E-Z Chinese".


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