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Yuka (with long light-brown hair), Sayuri (dark-brown hair in a ponytail) are Akane's friends, along with Asami and Hiroko.


They are in her class and are always seen in her company when they show up. They both are very supportive of Akane, trying to cheer her up every time Ranma is being chased by other girls. It should be noted that they are not named in the manga.

The girls are not as interested in gossiping as Hiroshi and Daisuke are, and they mostly just try to get Ranma and Akane together by dropping subtle hints in Ranma's direction. Also, their screentime pales in comparison to Hiroshi and Daisuke.

All the known characters from class 1-F except Gosunkugi and Ukyo. From left: Hiroshi, Makoto, Daisuke, Akane, Ranma, Shikako, Sayuri, Yuka.

Yuka and Sayuri, along with Makoto and Shikako, are among the regular characters of Ranma ½ who have no extraordinary physical abilities; however, they do chase after Happosai along with the rest of the female students in Furinkan any time he tries to steal their underwear. In the anime, Yuka and Sayuri seem to know the theme song of the show.



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